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Stock No: 3504

Price: £45.00

Year: 1977

Calibre: .177 smoothbore



Tin plate type construction junior rifle the last of its type is in good cosmetic order but it lacks a bit of oomph in fact some tight pellets do not come out unless you cock it and shoot it a few times. Loose pellets do come out but with very very low power. Presumably the spring or piston seal neads replacing or sorting out. Original open sights are fitted, screw heads are good, stock is good Diana brass badge is however a little torn and missing. Needs sorting out really unless you are ok with a really low powered air gun.

Stock No: 4124

Price: £74.00

Year:  c1960s

Calibre: .22



This well built Webley air rifle shoots really well at around 8 foot pounds. Condition wise its not fantastic however. No rear sight is fitted, it does instead have a Webley 4 x 15 telescopic sight. The metalwork is a bit brown and worn especially on the barrel where it has been cocked to shoot. The stock is ok with some surface marks and scratches and dents however there is damage around the front stock screws but new screws have been fitted and this seems solid and perfectly serviceable. An excellent junior rifle made of solid steel with no plastic in its construction.

Stock No 4262

Price: £170.00

Year:  c1990s

Calibre: .177



According to the top of the cylinder this is a Webley Vulcan. Its not a Vulcan we have ever seen before. Firstly it has a flat ended cylinder end cap which was fitted to the Victor, the front sight is a diopter peep sight and appears to be a Weihrauch and the rear sight is a Milbro style diopter sight. The rifle produces about 9 foot pounds it has a late trigger similar to a Webley Vulcan series 3 which has a grooved front with a curved profile. The stock is also unusual, it is not a Victor one it has got an ambidextrous cheek piece and a flat black plastic butt plate. Overall a bit of an enigma, could be made up from several parts, looks like its been done well and would make a nice junior target rifle. In good condition the metal work going a little bit brown but mostly ok all components seem to be in good order.  Has provision for a rear sight on the breech block but none is fitted. Seems to have been assembled for paper target or bell target shooting.

Stock No 4303

Price: £120.00

Year:  c2000 (?) still current

Calibre: .177



This nice interesting design of junior sidelever rifle is in excellent condition. Fitted with a target diopter rear sight and front sight. No open rear sight. Supplied with 2x five shot magazines and its original cleaning rod. A good little short range target rifle, very lightweight nice and easy to sock, generally a good thing.

Stock No 4435

Price: £48.00

Year:  c1966

Calibre: .177



This is a smooth bore barrel version of the little Diana 25. This example is in fair condition the metalwork having been painted at some point and most of the rearsight is not original but is a carefully fitted sight off another rifle. Stock has has numerous varnish surface scratches, cocks and shoots fine, stock could do with refinishing.


Price: £45.00


Calibre: .22



This Hungarian made rifle has been subject to quite heavy refinishing it has a black painted action which does not look too bad, scope rail fitted but the screws are a bit too long so hat to be undone slightly for the rifle to cock. It do cock and shoot fine as far as these go, they always take a lot of effort for a little output not most efficient design. Stock has also been nicely refinished in a pleasant mahogany red type colour. Original rear sight fitted no front sight. We said we would sell this for a friend so we are offering it here its only 45 quid and worth that.

Stock No  4562

Price: £120.00

Year:  c1972

Calibre: .177



This lightweight break barrel rifle is in all honesty one of Webley’s worst quality rifles! Nevertheless this example is in very good condition, it actually works properly, the safety catch still operates and the rearsight is complete. Fitted with a .177 barrel which is easily detachable and could be swapped for a .22 if you have one. In .177 its a bit lower powered, trying a .22 barrel in these always gives a bit more power.  The power level of this one being just under 8 foot pounds. Good finish to the metalwork, just minor wear on the breech barrel block where it has been cocked, a few surface marks and general scratches to the stock, we believe the horrible yellow colour varnish to be original. Its not pretty but it is pretty functional as far as these go. Now becoming collectable and not that often seen in .177, the .22 is a lot more common.

Stock No 4605

Price: £95.00

Year:  1894

Calibre: .175bb


MODEL 1894

One of the all time fun guns this is a copy of a Winchester repeater  with a 40 shot magazine, this example is in good condition retaining most of its original painted finish slight wear to the metal cocking lever. Plastic stock which is not real;ly good reproduction of wood good looking rifle surprisingly high velocity, great fun. It is missing the sight rising bar.

Stock No 4589

Price: £270.00

Year:  Current model

Calibre: .177 rifled



This is a truly great fun air rifle. 30 round semi automatic belt fed, rifled barrel, this example is in near new condition with an original box. It is also the version fitted with the Sig Sauer 1.5 to 4 magnification telescopic sight. Nice and and quiet due to its big silencer, powered by the large CO2 cylinders. Hefty, solid and good fun.

Stock No 4653

Price: £98.00

Year:  c1979

Calibre: .22



This rifle has been fully serviced with all new internal components and breech seeeel. In basically good condition retaining much of its original painted finish. Fitted with a 4x32 scope would make an excellent little starter rifle. Shoots at about 9 foot pounds but is quite easy to cock

Stock No 4654

Price: £50.00

Year:  1966

Calibre: .22



This neat little air rifle is solidly made of steel in fairly good condition, not very powerful, fitted with a non original Relum rear sight in place of the original one. Stock is fairly good but has had some sort of repairs to it which whilst being done neatly are very visible. Metalwork is fairly good condition retraining some original finish but some wear. Fitted with a scope rail. A nice little junior rifle for very short range plinkling

Stock No 4184

Price: £85.00

Year:  1995 (?)

Calibre: .177



This very solidly made side lever is in good condition, the metal work having its correct slightly less than shiny black finish. The stock has some surface marks and scratches but some of these may have been on there when it was made. Fitted with its original open sights the rear sight being a removable fully adjustable all metal unit. Build quality is actually good although the finish is your average Chinese type pre BAM finish (approx year 2000). Shoots nice and smoothly at around 6 foot pounds so would make a nice short range target rifle and in fact this did come from a club where we purchased 6 rifles and this was the best of them having had the least use.

SOLD 1020