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Beautifully made replicas of Webley boxes from yesteryear,

 ideal for collectors.



Stock No: KBC17

Price: £250.00

Year: c1949-58

Calibre: .177



This fine quality blued steel pistol is in fairly good condition retaining most of its original pellets but with some surface scratches on one side but worn and very lightly pitted on the other side where it has laid in the box. A bit of a shame. The grips are perfect and the pistol shoots very well with a very good spring and very tight breech lock up mechanism. The box is a bit torn and battered with one end flap detached but present inside the box.

Stock No PTB26

Price: £150.00

Year:  c1950s

Calibre: .177



This pistol is in good condition, complete and working, retaining most of its original finish but with areas of wear down the sides where it has lane. Good condition un chipped grips. Supplied in one of our superb reproduction boxes with a compartment and an empty repro pellet box.

Stock No 4566

Price: £120.00


Calibre: .22



This hefty and powerful (around 5 foot pounds with Hobby pellets) pistol is in excellent condition retaining most of its original finish to the bluing. Very slight scratching to the pistol grip and some visible wear where the cocking aid slides on and off at the front. Original open sights fitted, no fore sight hood but does have the aforementioned cocking aid. This is an example with automatic safety catch which is a tad annoying at first. These are a nice quality pistol sadly no longer in production.

Stock No 4569

Price: £90.00

Year:  1978

Calibre: .177


MODEL 1377

This is a very early Crosman 1377, the one with the all metal breach loading port. Cocks and shoots fine, in fairly good condition some signs of use but still has, for example, yellow warning stickers on the underside of the cylinder. Some paint loss on the leading edge of the trigger frame, open sights are original and correct. A nice solidly made pump up pistol.

Stock No 4611

Price: £85.00


Calibre: .177



Nice this quality underlever pistol, and there is not that many underlevers in existence actually, is in excellent as new condition, complete and working superbly with its original; manual as well. Fully adjustable open sights, adjustable grip angle. These are quite an accurate pistol.

Stock No 4608

Price: £360.00


Calibre: .177



This early model Walther LP53 is in excellent near new condition in its original box with its wooden cocking aid, spare front sight and rear sight blade.. This is the black crackle finish body with the brown grips. With a manual for a later pistol and a copy of a earlier manual. Also with its original cleaning rod. Box is in very good condition,  a nice clean item, excellent collector’s condition.

Stock No 4570

Price: £130.00


Calibre: .177



This is one of our favourite designs of air pistol. Small and compact, with a good heft about it. Has a very unusual, possibly unique oval shaped piston. Overlever cocking this example is in good condition, the alloy finish having some signs of use and some general marks about it, nice quality checkered walnut grips, cocks and shoots fine, original open sights fitted (non adjustable and very basic). You can store pellets in the bottom of the pistol grip and one will drop out as you operate the little opening tab. Now quite collectable.

Stock No 4577

Price: £95.00

Year:  c1990s

Calibre: .22



This classic overlever cocking pistol is ijn very good condition, few minor scratches round the front end and some scuffs and marks where the foresight hood would have been unfortunately this has been removed and left some scuffing. A new foresight hood would mostly cover it. Fully adjustable open sights, cocks and shoots superbly, manual safety catch. A nice quality pistol.

Stock No 4643

Price: £750.00

Year:  c1908

Calibre: .177



This is what is known as a sleeper. It has lain many years unused gathering dust. However, we have cleaned it up, taken the dust off (we will use that somewhere else) and given it a good oiling and it is now a nice, good honest example. The nickel plating is genuine and original. Most of these pistols were produced with a blued finish but a few were finished in nickel. This is such an example. The lettering is all clear, the breach mechanism is nice and tight, the grips are in good complete order. Some of the nickel plating is missing as seen in the photos and some is slightly flaked off. In other areas it is complete and good. A nice honest example.

Stock No 4587

Price: £140.00

Year:  1952

Calibre: .177



This high quality classic air pistol is in very good condition, some thinning of the bluing on the back, the rest retains most of its original blued finish. Slight thinning down one side where it has lain. Very good brown grips which have not got the normal/often chips on them. Good powerful spring, nice tight action and barrel lock up. Obviously not had very much use. A classic collector’s item but does also shoot very well.

SOLD 0920

Stock No 4576

Price: £54.00


Calibre: .177



This single stroke pneumatic pistol which we have always found to be very accurate as we have tested them, is in very good condition obviously having had not too much use. Fully adjustable open sights, good consistent power with not too bad trigger pull. No recoil, very pleasant to shoot.

SOLD 0920