Beautifully made replicas of Webley boxes from yesteryear, ideal for collectors.

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Beautifully made replicas of Webley boxes from yesteryear,

 ideal for collectors.



Stock No: 3272

Price: £125.00

Year: Late 1960s

Calibre:  .177 smoothbore



This nice quality air pistol retains most of its original black finish to the cylinder and barrel, the cast iron frame is a little bit worn but not worryingly so, mostly on the edges where it has lain. Mechanically perfect with a nice tight barrel catch, good clean smooth bore barrel and un chipped grips. A nice collectable item which is also a good plinker and also a good dart shooter! We have put this with one of our stunning reproduction boxes and have included an original box of Milbro cup slugs.

Stock No PTB24

Price: £235.00

Year:  c1955

Calibre: .177



This superb item is in excellent near new condition obviously had very little use. Good strong main spring, perfect breach lockup, supplied in one of our new compartmentalised reproduction pistol boxes with an empty reproduction pellet box and instruction manual/parts list and hanging tag. A really nice collector’s item.

Stock No  PTB22

Price: £195.00

Year:  c1960

Calibre: .22



This quality pistol is in excellent near new condition complete and working superbly. Particularly nice shiny finish and supplied in one of our superb reproduction boxes with compartment and a copy of the spare parts list.

Stock No PTB23

Price: £160.00

Year:  c1950s

Calibre: .177



This nice honest condition Mark 1 pistol is in good condition but with some thinning of the bluing on the sides of the cylinder . Good strong spring and a secure barrel lock up. Un chipped grips, supplied in one of our excellent repro boxes with compartment for a pellet box in this case we have put in a empty repro Webley pellet box. And has a hanging tag on the trigger guard. A nice collector’s item which does work well.

Stock No  4219

Price: £260.00

Year:  c1958

Calibre: .177



Very nice condition, original box that has been shot at but only the lid not the base has holes in. With some pellets and darts.

Stock No 4372

Price: £390.00

Year:  c1935

Calibre: .22



This is a second series warrior which has a serial number and a non chamfered cocking lever. It is in the much less often seen .22 bore with good clean rifling. This example is in fair condition, possibly been refinished at some stage in the past, the grips have definitely been repainted as they had degraded and gone grey over the years. Spring and seal are ok, the lock up is nice and tight, original open sights fitted, markings legible on both sides. A reasonable example.

Stock No 4462

Price: £145.00

Year:  c1954

Calibre: .22



This most classic of Webley pistols is in excellent condition, couple of very minor spots of rust on one side and the lightest of wear on the other but mostly deep original black finish. Grips are perfect, cocks and shoots perfectly, nice tight barrel. Obviously had very little use. No wear of any sort to the pistol grips, this is a bit of a sleeper.

Stock No 4517

Price: £148.00

Year:  c1950s/60s

Calibre: .177



This not very often seen underlever pistol is in good condition retaining lots of its original bluing, a few surface scuffs and marks to the wooden pistol grip. Cocks and shoots fine. Whilst being a rare item this was copied by Gamo and they made lots of Falcon and Center pistols using the same underlever swinging out breech piston mechanism. Fitted with its original rear sight, cocks and shoots fine. A solidly made little item. And there is not that many underlever pistols about. A little bit under powered it requires a loose pellet tight ones tend not to come out.


Price: £90.00

Year:  late 1970s

Calibre: .22



This heavy British made air pistol is in good condition, the plastic of the fore end has an almost inevitable crack in it but amazingly it is all still in one piece. Cocks and shoots nicely with good power (4.5 foot pounds), complete with its original open sights, minor touching up of the paint work wear the wire stock would have slid in but the rest of the metalwork is very good. A good example and with all its “plastic work”.

Stock No 573

Price: £159.00

Year:  1977

Calibre: .177



This nice quality pistol, which is a copy of the Walther LP53, and as such is a very nice design of pistol, is in excellent condition. It does not have the high finish of the Walther but it is actually solidly made. Fitted with its original rear sight. This cocks and shoots absolutely fine. These are now becoming very collectable and is a cheaper alternative to the Walther version that seem more freely available than this Polish made Predom pistol. This one was made in 1976 so is quite a late model.

Stock No 4684

Price: £245.00

Year:  c1964

Calibre: .22



This most classic of Webley pistols is in near new condition obviously having had very little or no use. We have put it in one of our excellent reproduction pistol boxes. It cocks and shoots perfectly, a really nice collector,s item. These are the utmost quality Webley air pistols ever produced.

Stock No 4685

Price: £120.00

Year:  c1968

Calibre: .22



This all blued steel version of the Webley Premier is in excellent as new condition but fitted with a non original but nice quality burr walnut grips which are smooth with no chequering. Cocks and shoots really well, nice tight mechanism, an excellent shooter’s item. They don’t make them like these anymore. Shoots at nearly 2.5 foot pounds with Air Arm,s pellets.

Stock No 4694

Price: £480.00

Year: c1919

Calibre: .177



This rare and desirable early british made air pistol is in quite good condition the metalwqork is brown and grainy but the pistol itself is complete. The only markings on it are the patent number on the left hand side. Seems to have a good main spring and piston seal, this is rated by John Griffiths in his encyclopaedia as extremely rare. This is the long barrel version of the mark 4. All components would appear to be as they should be just the matal work has gone a little aged. This pistol eventually went on to become the Webley mark 1 in which guise it sold many more than its prototypes.

SOLD 0820

Stock No  4715

Price: £175.00

Year:  c1930

Calibre: .177 smooth



They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder however we say hold this pistol and you will think it is more beautiful than it looks! Its actually nice quality, solidly engineered with a good soloild…solid  grip, hand cut checkering this is actually a very rare pistol. It is in fair condition, the metalwork is brown and a bit worn however it is complete with what we believe to be its original open sight, some marks and scuffs to the syock…stock but this is only one of a couple of these we have ever seen. Nice clear markings on the top of the cylinder being “Original Jun Roland” no other markings/serial numbers that we can find.

SOLD 0920

Stock No 4729

Price: £170.00

Year:  c1974

Calibre: .22



Thisis a quite a scarce varient of the Webley Premier its a very l;ate example it has a black enamel finish as aoposed to the earlier suncerite(?) paint or  blued finish. They did not use this finish for very long, this example is in as new condition in its original box but the box is a bit flat and squashed and scuffed. But it has done its job of preserving the pistol. Which even has its little red warning lable attached along with a couple of old period target cards. A nice collector’s item cocks and shoots perfectly obviously had next to no use.

Stock No 4478

Price: £120.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .22



This short lived version of the Premier was only made for about 5 years. This example is in very good condition retaining virtually all its original enamel type paint finish apart from a small piece of enamel finish lost at the breach block near the rear sight. Cocks and shoots fine, grips are perfect a nice quality pistol.

SOLD 0920

Stock No 4741

Price: £210.00

Year:  c1998

Calibre: .22 and .177 (see text)



This solid well made accurate single shot pneumatic pistol is in as new condition. Fitted with a Webley Speedpoint sight which needs no battery and is also in as new condition. Also supplied is its original manual and packaging for the speedpoint sight unit. Also supplied with a spare .177 barrel which one could fit in place of ones .22 barrel. A nice little kit for one. The aluminium (aluminum if Americian) flight case photoed is supplied also to keep ones pistol in. A good collectors’s item that is accurate and consistent for one to shoot ones targets.

Stock No 4738

Price: £200.00

Year:  1980s

Calibre: .177 and .22 (see text)



This is the short lived British made version  of a classic 1950s American pistol. This example is in superb condition in its original foam lined case with its dummy moderator (all dummies should be moderated…) and a spare barrel in alternative .22 calibre and with a key for changing the barrel. A really nice collector’s item (for a really nice collector?) Cocks and shoots superbly. Good quality interesting design.

Stock No 4742

Price: £190.00

Year:  c1998

Calibre: .177



This nice quality single stroke pneumatic pistol is in excellent near new condition, fitted with a Webley red dot sight, this is thew silver frame version of this pistol which does look very nice. Supplied with its instruction manual and Webley pellets in Webley tin and a period vinyl Webley pistol case with a pellet pouch with the Webley Hustler pellets which is about 30% full. A very nice collector’s item that shoots really well and always prove to be an accurate shot.

Stock No 4568

Price: £68.00

Year:  1980

Calibre: .177


MODEL 1377

This now 40 year old air pistol is in fair condition, the metalwork seems to have had a coat of paint at some time and this has lightly scratched off. The pistol pumps up and shoots fine developing reasonable power, power depending on number of pumps up to a point. These always prove an accurate pistol and are consistent as long as you pump them the same ammmount of pumps for each shot.

SOLD 1020